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Computer Questions

Q: How dangerous are cookies?

A: Cookies are very small files that are stored on your computer. I frequently hear people worried about how the cookies are filling up their computer. Any computer that was bought new in the past few years would require 20,000,000 cookies to fill the hard-drive. That figure would fill a 20 Gigabyte hard drive. Needless to say, a lifetime of browsing 24x7x365 would not fill your hard drive. Far from it.

Typically what cookies are designed to do is to remember that you visited a particullar site and store an ID that allows you to shop on-line or keeps secure information needed to identify you when you log on to a web site. These are typically harmless bits of information, only accessable by the site that requested that your computer save this information.

Cookies also have an expiration date that lets your computer know when to delete it.

Looking here at my own computer, I recently did some shopping on Lincoln Mold Company's web site. In the process of placing the order this small piece of information was placed to identify me and connect me to my shooping cart as items were added to it. Here are the contents of that cookie:


A very small amount of information is stored on my computer.

Another use of the cookie is to allow a site to know what advertisements have been displayed on your screen and provide you with new ones. This obviously helps to give you something new to look at next time you visit

If you are worried about what dangerous cookies are on your computer, check out AdAware and SpyBot. These are two good tools to remove any cookies that cross these lines and may threaten the security of your computer.

As long as you are careful as to where you browse and scan often with these two programs (once a month) you will likely have little to no problems with cookies. In the past decade of working on hundreds of computers that are on the Internet, I have seen no instances where a cookie, in and of itself, caused damage or breached security on a computer.


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Computer and Web Site Questions

Q: How do I process credit card payment on my site and in my business?

A: Processing Credit Cards with an on-line card processing company as opposed to a 'terminal based' card processor is a highly competitive industry. Many companies are clamoring to gain market share that is dominated on-line by the PayPal giant.

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Q: How do I build a successful web site?

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Q: I was shopping on one of your sites that use your Cartamonga system, but when I went to check out, I got an error or my shopping cart was empty. What happened?

A: It does not matter what shopping cart system you try, SOMEONE will have a problem. We have had the opportunity to test quite a few systems that have issues with our shopping cart system. We have found four problems that interfere with it's operati... MORE

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