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Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc.
Rates for Web Development


Every web site is unique to Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc., however, we do follow guidelines for prices for web development. Following is a list of prices, however, custom programming may cause a price to change. Rates and Policies are subject to change without notice.

PHP Consulting
Help get your PHP programming woking and answer questions via the web $ 95.00 per hour
General Web page Development
HTML Web Development
Each site may have several pages. Try to determine what size you would need for your site. Bear in mind that there may be suggestions from Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. about your site structure.
$ 100.00 per page
Our own Scripts and Web Programs
Web SPeED site set up $ 199.00
Cartamonga - On-line sales and shopping cart for your products. Make them available to the world, don't be limited to Brick and Morter $ 390.00
Custom Programming - Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. programs Primarily in PHP, MySQL and Java, though other languages are available. $ 95.00 per hour
Larger projects may vary to $ 85.00 per hour.
Other Essentials

Hosting your web site (Larger sites may vary due to high traffic or larger size of site. This encompasses most sites.)

We also offer hosting for site you design yourself.

All our sites are hosted on our own servers, so that you know you do not share a server with anyone who will cause it to be insecure through rival hacking, etc.

Email addresses are also included.

$18.95 per month
$227.40 per year
* When Paid Yearly

Graphics Design - Depending on the amount of work involved. If you have all the graphic work designed, this charge will be minimal for implementation, or nothing. If extensive research and artwork is involved, the price may vary. Graphics and Artwork are your property. You have permission to use the artwork you purchase for print or other media. Please contact us to get the artwork customized for your particular project. $ 200.00 to $ 350.00
but may vary beyond this range with complexity
URL Registration - As inexpensive as it is, every site should have it's own address or URL ( ). This helps in promoting your site and the ease of access for those you wish to reach. If you already have a URL, this will not apply unless we assume management of the URL. All URLs belong to you, we will not hold your URL hostage if you decide to go to another host in the future or rather manage the URL yourself. $ 20.00 per year only for sites we host.

Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc., has remained in business for so long because of our fair and ethical business practices. If we are un-able to complete the promised services, we will return money that you have paid. Deposits for web sites may not be fully refunded if the promised work has been completed.

It is in the best interests of Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. to see your site succeed. A successful site is one that will help your business and it is the goal of Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. to help you with that. From time to time we send out newsletters by way of email that will offer ways to improve the performance of your site.

Products provided by our companies, are guaranteed to fulfill descriptions un-less proven defective. In such cases, refunds will be granted unless other-wise stated 'as is' or all sales final.

Invoicing Methods:

Invoices from Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. are sent by email. The email will contain a link to your electronic invoice which can be paid by mail or by clicking the available Pay button located on the electronic invoice. Automated notices are sent out from our servers. All created invoices are due, payable upon listed due date.


For continued or discontinued service, Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. requires advanced knowledge of your intent to continue or discontiue service BEFORE INVOICE DUE DATES. If Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. does not hear from a client before invoice is due, Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. reserves the right to not renew domain names if we so choose. This would most likely occur in the case that no contact is made on any subject through out the life of the web site but is not limited to this situation.

Lost Invoice Notices:

Filtering programs that remove the notices from your mail box are not the responsibility of Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc.. Many Internet Service Providers filter such mail into Junk mail folders until you tell their system to stop filtering such mail. If you do not understand how to do that, you should call your ISP or mail provider and ask for instructions to take care of this.

Unpaid Invoices:

No additional work can be done on sites with invoices that remain unpaid more than five (5) business days after the due date and with no communication to make and honor payment arrangements. This may include work by Sand Dollar Digital Design and through any site administrative accounts you may use to manage and update your site.

Sites that are over 30 days past due may be removed from the Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. servers. Once removed, payment of invoice in full plus $125 reactivation fee will be required for re-activation of site.

Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. reserves the right to decline renewals on site hosting. Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. will not remove a site until current hosting or domain registration has expired. Refusal to maintain communications with Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. in the matter of web sites may be interpreted as a cancellation of services.

Delinquint Invoices:

Invoices that remain unpaid may be turned over to a collection agency including applicable late and service fees.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of web services requires 30 days notice.

Right to Refuse Service:

Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. reserves the right to no longer host a site that proves to be difficult to collect or difficult to work with.

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