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Computer Questions

Q: How can I get rid of Adware and Spyware?

A: There are many programs out there that claim to get rid of Adware and Spyware. The problem is that many of those programs get rid of their compentition and make room for their own Adware and Spyware. In my experience, I have tried MANY of these programs and have found two that are very reliable. Infact, I frequenlty run them one after the other to make sure a computer is clean.

Ad-Aware SE and SpyBot 1.3 are both excellent programs for this very purpose. Both can be downloaded from and AdAware has their own site at Lavasoft.

Once you install and run these programs, you will first want to check for any new updates. Both programs typically have weekly updates that you will want to have before performing a system scan.

SpyBot offers an extra feature that you will find valuable for future protection. The immunize feature will not add new programs to your windows system. It realizes that windows has a lot of built in protection and simply lets windows know what to protect you from.

These are free programs that you can download and install anytime.


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Computer and Web Site Questions

Q: How do I make my site a successful site?

A: Web Design Tips For Building A Successful Site
By Titus Hoskins

You probably already know the key to making any kind
of income from the net is a well... MORE


Q: How do I get my site to appear on search engines like Google when searching for popular search phrases?

A: Quite often, we get questions from new web site owners about this question. For example, a company that manufactures Adirondack chairs may ask how can I get my site to come up on the top of Google when people search for "Adirondack Chairs"?

This ... MORE


Q: What is Spyware and Adware?

A: Spyware and Adware are programs that are added to your computer, many times without your knowledge or consent. These programs are designe to monitor your browsing habits and report back to the writters of the program so that they can better advertis... MORE


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