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Q: S3DNews Part 7.0 - Keeping your site's content FRESH:How to make your WEB SITE perform better for your company

A: October 26, 2010

When we design new sites, we see it as part of our task to
find ways to make the site as dynamic as possible. Automating
changes and creating systems that will allow you to make
changes to your site as often as you wish are the two best
ways to accomplish this.

Automation of site information typically involves custom
programming but in the last message I discussed two systems
that make automatic changes to the Home page based on
information you enter in to the Photo Gallery Page and the
Calendar page.

The more common way to keep a site Fresh is by
good ol' fashion work. Fortunately, it does not involve any
heavy equipment and with Web SPeED it does not even
involve programming knowledge, web editing software or
anything more than a computer that is on-line.

There are a number of different types of pages that can
be managed on Web SPeED. Whether the site is large or
small, Web SPeED can help keep it up to date.
Currently, there are sites managed by Web SPeED that
range from a few pages all the way up to nearly 1000 pages.

The challenge Jennifer and I as web developers have faced
over the 12 plus years of working on the web is maintaining
software required to work on web sites and the continuing
education of learning new programming languages and methods
used in creating web pages to meet a variety of needs.

Web SPeED provides a secure log in environment that
allows individuals to make changes to sites as simply as
typing in a box and clicking a button. In designing the
system we made ever effort to make the system work as
simply as possible while still providing you with every tool
you need to make your site effective.

Using Web SPeED you can make changes as often as
you wish with out incuring any additional charges. Because
the whole Web SPeED system is completely automated,
we have no additional time requirements to make your changes.
This means you can keep your site as fresh as you want, as
often as you want and it will not dip into your company

Next time we will look at a few of the types of pages
that are available in Web SPeED and the advantages of
using them.


Create your own web site with out software, settings or other problems.
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Computer and Web Site Questions

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