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Computer Questions

Q: Your cost seems high. I have seen advertisements for $4.95 to $9.95 per month for web hosting. Am I missing something that these services may not provide?

A: There are many web hosting companies that charge less than $10 a month for hosting. One of the biggest challenges we have found hosting web sites on shared environments like those lower priced providers is that you never know who is doing what on the server. Specifically, in the past we shared a server with an unknown number of other web sites well into the hundreds. One of those other people (unknown to us) made another hacker angry. The angry hacker took down our whole server for nearly two months. We were with out a web site.

Today, we manage our own servers that are not shared by anyone. We monitor our servers at all times and know everything that is on our server. This allows us to provide a better service that you know you can depend on.

Our service is not just a web host. We are web developers.

Long ago, we realized that setting up a quality web site can be a daunting task. There are many facets of this development that take years of experience and learning to figure out.

Many business owners are very busy running a growing business and do not have the time to learn HTML, Web Promotions and other skills invloved in maintaining a successful web site. Some will higher or train an existing employee to learn and maintain a web site. If there is room in the budget for that, I encourage it.

We hope to fill the niche of businesses that do not fit within this category.

As a result of over 20 years of experience, we not only host your site, we also maintain it and provide you with tools to make changes and updates quickly and easily with little or no training in the technical aspects of this industry.

We also provide on-line learning experiences for web site owners and managers to be better equipped to use our tools and to have an improoved knowledge of how web promotions can be better accomplished.

Part of our service includes web promotions with repromotions every 45-60 days, but there are things you can do to make your site even better. You can take a look at the dialog from our latest on-line training seminar, free to owners of web sites we host, by clicking on the link below.

Beyond this, we also provide a more personalized attention to all our web sites. We do not wish to grow to thousands of sites, as many of the cheaper web hosts have, because we cannot give the proper attention deserved to much more than 200-300 sites. In fact, once we have over 200 web sites, we will no longer take new customers. This is so that we can better assist those web site owners that need our help to create a successful and effective on-line presence.


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