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Computer Questions

Q: What is Spyware and Adware?

A: Spyware and Adware are programs that are added to your computer, many times without your knowledge or consent. These programs are designe to monitor your browsing habits and report back to the writters of the program so that they can better advertise to you.

That is not the worst part though. The worst part is that many of these programs are designed to bring more advertisement to your computer. I don't know about you, but my computer is my own and no one touches it. This seems very wrong to me.

Recently, this was defended as a freedom of speech sort of thing. I say, if this is freedom of speech, the next time they leave their house, I will cover their walls with what ever ads I wish. If my private computer falls within their 'freedom of speech' then I have freedom of speech to puke all my garbage all over the inside of their private homes.

These programs not only bring in more advertising, some of them hide within your operating system, making it nearly impossible to get them out.

The last thing you will notice is that your computer is sluggish and often unresponsive. Many of these Spyware and Adware systems can be taken care of. See the question on how to remove this scourge.


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Computer and Web Site Questions

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