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Q: How do I get top listings on google?

A: Getting top listings on Google is a true art form. I have had many people ask this question, expecting a short answer, that is not how it works. Literally, reams of information about this can be found online and in the book store, only about Google, not all web index and Internet Spiders.

There are a few things that you MUST include on your web site pages to be listed in Google and most web indexes.

1. Every page must have a title. From what I understand, a descriptive title on each page of the site helps, but dont make it too long.

2. Meta tags. There are several kinds of meta tags to include in your site, but the most important are the Keywords and descriptions. One reliable source told me that right after the title in the HTML of a page, you should find keywords then description. You will find other tags will help here also.

3. Be sure you have no dead links. Dead links are links on your pages to images or other sites/pages that just do not work. Avoid this at all costs!!

4. Make sure your site is constantly changing and is up do date. No web index is interested in a site that has little content and never changes. This is a DEAD site. Make sure there are build in changes to your site. Here at Sand Dollar Digital Design, we have several programs to help you with this. Currently, one of our most popular is the calendar program. It can be updated from your site with a user name and password and it can invoke changes on other pages. Gulf Breeze Resorts and Port A Condos are both good examples of this. As time progresses, the calendar portion updates and changes, providing up to date information for visitors.

These are just a couple of methods for getting top billing on Google and other search engines, but none of this is a substitute for keeping up on the changes happening on the web. One good place to keep up with site promotion techniques is at Read the hundreds of pages of information there for a first rate education, but always keep digging for more information.


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World Traveler Tigger goes to Chateau Chantilly north of Paris
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Computer and Web Site Questions

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