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Q: Sand Dollar Digital Design Online Web Promotion Seminar Part 2 Un Edited Dialog


[DaveBailey] Hey Jen

[Jennifer] hi

[DaveBailey] :)

[DaveBailey] hey Martha

[md] hi - how are you guys

[Jennifer] excellent

[DaveBailey] we are good. Does this text appear on a white background for you?

[md] no - it is lite blue with darker blue print

[DaveBailey] Martha? You there?

[DaveBailey] Okay, good

[md] yes

[DaveBailey] Then we ARE excellent

[DaveBailey] I will wait 2 more minutes

[DaveBailey] Welcome to the Sand Dollar Digital Design Web Promotions Seminar

[DaveBailey] Thank you for joining us tonight.

[DaveBailey] I will be covering a whole slew of information here in the next 45 to 60 minutes.

[DaveBailey] You are welcome to just sit back and read what is going on, or you can pop in with questions.

[DaveBailey] Frequently and after each section of the outline, I will say "Questions or Comments?"

[DaveBailey] You can ask questions at that point or wait till the end, don't be shy.

[DaveBailey] Keep in mind that if we have too many questions during the session, I may have to stop answering questions until the very end if time runs short.

[DaveBailey] Some participants are on a tight schedule and I want to make sure that all the information gets out.

[DaveBailey] Don't hesitate to type in your questions no matter what happens.

[DaveBailey] How is that for automated...

[DaveBailey] If your question does not get answered right away, rest assured that I will answer all un-answered questions at the end or maybe even later in this session.

[DaveBailey] I will be keeping a record of the unanswered questions on my computer.

[DaveBailey] I guess we are starting... according to the server

[DaveBailey] I will get started... Maybe others will come in later

[DaveBailey] Did you have any questions from last session, Martha?

[DaveBailey] In review, here are the main points from last week:

[md] I think this was covered but I have not re read all of the notes - can we change key words or is that done by you guys

[DaveBailey] Jen does that. If you see room for improvement, you can use the link at the very bottom of your site or email Jen

[DaveBailey] She may have suggestions, too. She has gotten good at keywords.

[DaveBailey] In review, here are the main points from last week:

[DaveBailey] I. Steps to make your site get better position on search engines.

[DaveBailey] A. Google and other search engines assign a number to the importance, relevance and freshness of every site listed in their database.

[DaveBailey] B. Keeping your site fresh and updated helps the position of your site on the search engines for the long term.

[DaveBailey] C. Another way to get on Google is with Relevant Keywords within your site.

[DaveBailey] We are on the 4th point under item C

[DaveBailey] 4. Keywords should be used in the "ALT" text of your images.

[DaveBailey] a. When you view a web site in Internet Explorer, if your mouse pointer stops over an image for more than 2 seconds, sometimes a little yellow box pops up with text in it. This is ALT text.

[DaveBailey] b. Google looks for this, in fact it rewards it with better placement on search results.

[DaveBailey] c. This is also text that you can put more keywords and key phrases into because Google looks at this, too.

[DaveBailey] d. This ALT text is also used for visually impaired people that use the Windows XP software that will read the contents of web pages for them.

[DaveBailey] We are getting ready to upgrade some of our programs to make better use of ALT text in some of our automated image systems.

[DaveBailey] For example, Martha, the changing images on your first page, you will be able to put in ALT text with them

[md] great, let us know howw to do it

[DaveBailey] There will be a blank you can fill in where you select the photo.

[DaveBailey] Hopefully very soon.

[DaveBailey] As for all the other images on your site, ALT text is very beneficial

[DaveBailey] Any images you cannot change, there should be a description that could contain some of the important keywords

[DaveBailey] Even the buttons on the top of your site, we are trying to get more key words in there too.

[Jennifer] Martha if there are any tags you want to change just let us know.

[Jennifer] Sometimes you know better what you want to emphasis inm yoru business than we do

[md] tags & keywords - same thing???

[DaveBailey] yes... key words are in the META tags, but image ALT text is located in IMAGE tags

[md] that almost makes sense

[Jennifer] basically when you put your mouse over a picture

[Jennifer] and a phrase or words come up describinf that picture

[Jennifer] that is an alt image

[Jennifer] keywords are actually in the programming code

[DaveBailey] Now that does not work in FireFox all the time... Better to test it in Internet Explorer

[DaveBailey] Holding your mouse over an image.

[Jennifer] alt image tags came around with web sites trying to become ada compliant

[DaveBailey] ADA = American Disabilities A...

[Jennifer] machines read the tag when a picture can not be displayed, so the search engines

[Jennifer] give sites with these takes a higer ranking

[DaveBailey] Okay... moving to the next major point.

[DaveBailey] D. The structure of your site is very important.

[DaveBailey] 1. Don't use pages that are too long. When a person browses to a page that is VERY VERY long, people will frequently get lost on the page and easily loose interest.

[DaveBailey] a. If a page extends to more than 3 screens full, it is too long.

[DaveBailey] b. You must figure out how to take a page like this and break it up into more pages.

[DaveBailey] c. Many of our programs break up large amounts of information into smaller, more manageable chunks. More on this later.

[DaveBailey] Fortunately, Martha, this is good on your site either by our design or your properties list program takes care of it.

[DaveBailey] 2. Too much text can also hurt your listing PageRank.

[DaveBailey] a. Google will only look at so much text. If it finds that a page continues on for dozens of pages, it will not touch it and move on to another site.

[DaveBailey] Now here is something new Jen taught me:

[DaveBailey] 3. Outline text is indexed better.

[DaveBailey] a. HTML has two commands to make outlines that are used by Google to index sites. Adding these outlines to your pages can help.

[DaveBailey] This is what produces Bulleted lists and numbered lists

[DaveBailey] aparently, the search engines like the appearance of organization.... computers... go figure

[md] so we should make our descriptions more organized with bullets, etc

[Jennifer] actually you so good

[DaveBailey] Jen?

[Jennifer] your ameniteis and in browsing lists

[Jennifer] are in

[Jennifer] your descriptions are easy to read and follow

[Jennifer] I say you are good

[md] great - we get lots of compliments on our site

[DaveBailey] Maybe I can add a bit about how to make an outline on our brief HTML tutor


[Jennifer] I bet you do, you guys do a great job with it

[DaveBailey] Okay, next:

[DaveBailey] E. Exchanging links with compatible and related web sites keeps your site from being a dead end.

[DaveBailey] 1. Google prefers sites that are not cu-de-sacs on the web. This means a site that has NO links that to to other places.

[DaveBailey] 2. This is normally done with a 'Links' page or section of your site.

[DaveBailey] 3. These exchanged links are most effective when they are to related sites. A link to a hair salon on a ship building company site holds far less weight than a chair makers site linking to an upholstery site.

[DaveBailey] "NO links that go to other places."

[DaveBailey] I am correcting a typo in point 1

[DaveBailey] This cross linking is one of the things that will give your site a 'large company appearance.

[DaveBailey] If Google sees a lot of other sites linking to your site, it will assume that your site is 'more important' on the grand scheme of things.

[Jennifer] A simple example of a crossing link is your

[Jennifer] you link to them and they link to you

[md] rest. - fishing charters, fun activities would all be good??

[DaveBailey] Those are well associated links, in the same 'industry'

[Jennifer] the chamber is another one, both very good links

[DaveBailey] Yeah... perfect hand in hand

[DaveBailey] If you could arrange for a million incoming links on associated sites, your placement would be a differnet story

[DaveBailey] Unfortuanely, that would take a large staff dedicated to web links and a VERY LARGE BUDGET equal to the value of all of Port Aransas

[md] maybe not a million but we can add a few

[DaveBailey] It can build over time... Get these links when you can

[DaveBailey] This next section is long. I will give you time to read it:

[DaveBailey] 4. The best way to do this is to keep your ear out for people who have web sites.

[DaveBailey] a. Ask people if they would like to exchange links on their site with you. You may need to explain that you will place a link to their site on your site and visa versa.

[DaveBailey] b. Give them your web address.

[DaveBailey] c. Get their web address.

[DaveBailey] d. If you do not have the ability to add a link to your site your self, use the link at the bottom of any page on your site and tell us that you would like a link to "http://www......" placed on your page.

[DaveBailey] i. Make saure you type it correctly.

[DaveBailey] ii. If you want any additional description, let us know.

[DaveBailey] iii. Additional description and contain your keywords and should definitely contain keywords from the site being linked to.

[DaveBailey] iii. This is quick and easy for us to do, especially if you use the link at the bottom of your web page.

[DaveBailey] e. You have to do follow up!!

[DaveBailey] i. Check and make sure that the other site gets your link on their site by looking for it on their site.

[DaveBailey] ii. If you don't see your link on their site and you feel comfortable doing so, give a gentle reminder. They may have forgotten or their web master may have forgotten.

[DaveBailey] iii. If the link never happens, having their link on your site will help, but you can always ask to have it removed.

[DaveBailey] So much for my spelling tonight.

[DaveBailey] That is all for:

[DaveBailey] I. Steps to make your site get better position on search engines.

[DaveBailey] II. How to get more people to look at your web site.

[DaveBailey] A. Don't let anyone get away from you without telling them about your web site.

[DaveBailey] 1. This may sound silly or bold, but everyone can be a sales person.

[DaveBailey] 2. Telling a friend to look at your site is easy. You may even get more business

[DaveBailey] 3. To a business owner, the reason for this is obvious.

[DaveBailey] 4. Even employees should feel free to do this, helping the company grow means only one thing, job stability.

[DaveBailey] a. It can only be good because as the company grows, more people are highered and you get a more senior position.

[DaveBailey] I know you use your site all the time Martha

[DaveBailey] that is great...

[md] we have it on all advertissment

[DaveBailey] Yeah, that is good... I even forget that some times. Look at the new sign at the Computer Center I designed a month ago... NO WEB ADDRESS!!

[DaveBailey] B. Every piece of print, business cards, advertising, emails, letters, the envelopes the letters are in, post cards, even signs, they should all have your web address on them.

[DaveBailey] 1. This needs to be a high priority on anything you do.

[DaveBailey] 2. Our most successful web sites owners include web addresses on everything.

[DaveBailey] 3. Many even include it in the way they answer the phone.

[DaveBailey] 4. Find ways to draw people to it with pictures of your product or pesentations and charts that people can look at while you tell them about your company.

[DaveBailey] a. Notice the 'Find Property Code' box on the Starkey Properties web site.

[DaveBailey] a. Nearly every customer that calls in is asked if they have internet access. If they do they are given a code to enter. Try: 294RD

[DaveBailey] a. Many times, the guest will look at properties while they are on the phone, ensuring a sale.

[DaveBailey] 5. Find ways to make theses special features more accessable.

[md] the sand fest banners did not have website & I had them add mine

[DaveBailey] Good job

[Jennifer] martha you utilize your text box for the feature property

[Jennifer] which is great

[md] we try to change weekly

[md] keep the owners happy

[DaveBailey] That is important... eh?

[DaveBailey] C. When people get on line looking for your site, many times they will use Google to enter your web address. This is an error, but it gets Google's attention about your site and Google puts your site up higher on their list.

[md] It is easier to keep the renters happy

[Jennifer] I bet it is, the renters are on vacation

[DaveBailey] :D

[DaveBailey] III. What NON-Sand Dollar Digital Design tools you can use to make your site better.

[DaveBailey] A. If you want to spend some money, Google, Yahoo and other search engines are equipped to advertise your site on their own pages PLUS thousand of other compatible/related sites.

[DaveBailey] Do you use ad words Martha?

[DaveBailey] Pay per click advertising?

[md] what are ad words??

[md] I do not use pay per click advertising

[DaveBailey] Okay... that is another WHOLE session... we will have to put that on our list to do

[DaveBailey] B. Many search engines have paid listing service that you can pay to get listed with. Some are okay, many are over priced. Keep in mind, Yahoo is $200 for a paid listing. Only Google is bigger. Anything over $200 is probably too much unless it is an industry specific promotion site that has proven results. Here are some of these pay sites:

[DaveBailey] 1. AOL Search

[DaveBailey] 2. Excite

[DaveBailey] 3. http//

[DaveBailey] 4. LookSmart

[DaveBailey] LookSmart's recent change to a pay-per-click model, and the way they have betrayed people who previously paid for listings, means I cannot in any way recommend spending any money with them.

[DaveBailey] 5. All these being listed, I cannot recommend any of these for pay services when there are so many out there that do as much for free.

[DaveBailey] We do not use any pay listing services for paid listing

[DaveBailey] but the Py per click is becoming our friend

[DaveBailey] We will plan to do another one of these online sessions for information on that

[Jennifer] The key to paid advertising on the web or the per click is to be very selective

[md] since I am the only one here, question?? if I enter Port A Vacation homes, my compition comes up much higher than I do - can you tell me how

[DaveBailey] Maybe the age of the sitre...

[DaveBailey] Maybe because the words on their site are arranged just right for that particular phrase

[DaveBailey] There are many reasons, we would need to sit down and look hard at that particular situation

[md] ok thanks - one of the sites is newer & the other is the same age

[DaveBailey] The rest of this, you are real good at, Martha. I am going to post it for people who will read this later

[DaveBailey] IV. Tools we use at Sand Dollar Digital Design to help with search engine placement

[DaveBailey] Many of you have these tools, lets talka bout how to get the best use out of them.

[DaveBailey] A. Dynamic Text Box on your first page is a box that you can place announcements, specials and other text items near the top of your first page.

[DaveBailey] 1. Remember we said Google likes FRESH web sites.

[DaveBailey] 2. This Dynamic Text Box is a space that you can put in your own text and change it as much as you want to and as often as you want to.

[DaveBailey] 3. This is done in a password protected area, but it is just like typing in on this page. You don't need to know anything about HTML programming to do it.

[DaveBailey] 4. We have many pages that incoporate this box and acheive a PageRank of 3 or 4 just by changing this box once a month.

[DaveBailey] 5. Example:

[DaveBailey] 6. Notice the Yellow Box on the first Home page AND the Coastal Cottage page. These are completely in the control of the site owner.

[DaveBailey] 7. Many of our sites have this 'Front Line' tool, be sure to use it if you have it.

[DaveBailey] 8. You can see examples of this feature in a NON password environment at:

[DaveBailey] B. > Our Calendar program is another system that gives you the opportunity to put in more keywords.

[DaveBailey] 1. Example:

[DaveBailey] 2. A search at Google for "car rental port aransas" returns 188,000 results. Nautical Wheelers is one single fish in this BIG pond.

[DaveBailey] 3. Trying to get high on this list means taking on some high budget advertisers like Hertz, Trip Advisor and One Travel Source. A local company trying to keep up with those companies would go bankrupt on advertising alone.

[DaveBailey] 4. But the Bike Riders at the Anglers on Wheels event coming up this weekend will be looking at what is going on in Port Aransas. They may search for "Anglers on wheels Port Aransas".

[md] sounds good - I am supposed to meet for fresh red snapper, can't turn that down

[DaveBailey] 5. Notice that in this small pond of 497 results, Nautical Wheelers comes up number 5. They can go rent Electric Cars to run up and down the beach with.

[DaveBailey] 6. This is the concept that made Wal-Mart what it is today. Sam Walton determined early that he would be a Big Fish in a Small Pond. Remember back in the 80's when you could only find a Wal-Mart in smaller towns. Over time, because of this, they are now THE big fish in many larger ponds, too.

[DaveBailey] 7. Using the calendar to tell people of special events around you, shows you will be at or other items that could use up more keywords, you can get on more search results than just what is in your META tags.

[DaveBailey] 8. You can play around with an this calendar at:

[md] bye

[DaveBailey] bye?

[DaveBailey] okay

[Jennifer] bye martha

[DaveBailey] hang on marthat

[md] ok

[DaveBailey] Jen will email you about your question.

[md] thanks

[DaveBailey] Your welcome... bye

[DaveBailey] C. Product List is a very versatile program that has MANY applications.

[DaveBailey] 1. Here are some of the different ways it can look:

[DaveBailey] a. It may not look like it, but these pages on Nautical Wheelers are in the control of the web site managers.

[DaveBailey] i.

[DaveBailey] ii.

[DaveBailey] b. Here is the Collage look. Click on an image at:

[DaveBailey] c. Several of the pages at Paradise Fitness Center are web managed like this one.

[DaveBailey] d. Our own Family Photo Gallery has the 'no-frills' version of Product List at

[DaveBailey] 2. You can try out this program in a Non Pawword protected area at

[DaveBailey] a. To add items to the list, click the administer this page link at the bottom of the page.

[DaveBailey] b. There is nothing you can mess up here, so feel free to play around with it.

[DaveBailey] E. > These are just a few of the many applications available on our server. If we don't have it already, we may be able to create it. We are always looking for new features to add to the servers.

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